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Car Maintenance

Welcome to Car Care 4 U, a leading maintenance service provider. We believe in taking care of and renovating existing cars and passing them on to worthy owners. It is a relatively green way to operate considering the level of waste that we as a global society produce. These days everybody wants everything to be brand new, from phones, homes, clothes and cars! Well why spend all of that money on a brand new car when you can pick up a decent model for a cheaper deal? OK so someone else’s bottom would have been sitting in the driver’s seat for a while and the interior may be a tiny bit weathered, but on the whole you’ll be looking at a decent motor that will get you from A to B without a fuss! What more could you want?

Commercial Vehicles

In addition to the wide range of used cars we have on our forecourt, we also specialise in sourcing the most reliable second hand commercial vehicles that are prepped and ready to use for many different business purposes.

Commercial vehicles typically undergo a much heavier workload than regular cars used to get people from A to B.

Vehicles used for transporting goods must also take the strain of loading, and unloading heavy items on a regular basis. In this instance, using the correct equipment, such as aluminium loading ramps, can dramatically decrease the amount of wear and tear. We can advise you which models are compatible with the vehicle of your choice.

So whether you’re looking for a durable motor to transport building materials to and from construction sites, or you’re in search of a people carrier so your team can be on the move, then check out our extensive collection of second hand commercial vehicles.